Olive Picking Time in Tuscany

Visiting Tuscany is always nice since every season of the year has its peculiarity and offers different feelings, landscapes and activities but October and November are really two interesting months.
In fact, in this period, the Tuscan countryside and its peasants, are busy with the Olives Picking.

The magnificent and silvery olive trees are now ready to produce the famous and precious Extra Virgin Tuscan Olive Oil and farmers work hard with the whole family.
Many of them, still use old methods for the olives picking also because it is actually a really important Tuscan tradition.
They work together and then, when the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ready they taste the “Olio Novo”.

You cannot miss to taste a Bruschetta (crusty bread) with the savoury new extra virgin olive oil, then! And you will be invited to try olive oil combined with many delicious Tuscan dishes.

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