Etruscan Seduction MAEC Cortona

From the secrets of Holkham Hall to the wonders of the British Museum

Until July 31st, 2014 it’s possible to plunge in the cultural tourism of the 1700s, enjoying an unrepeatable event, a collaboration between the British Museum, the residence Holkman Hall and the MAEC-Museum of the Etruscan town of Cortona.

This is an exhibition-event that reconstructs including paintings, drawings, archaeological finds, documents and objects, the birth of modern Etruscan studies in the 1700s and the passion of the Anglo-Saxon and Europe for the Etruscans. The exposition deals Grand Tour led by Thomas Coke, a young representative of the British aristocracy to the land of Italy, and how he was seduced by the Etruscan art. Back home Thomas Coke began the construction of his residence Holkham Hall (county of Norfolk - England) and laid the foundations of the richest collections of art still preserved in those rooms and some of which have been granted on this occasion to the town of Cortona.

Cortona, an ancient Etruscan town in Tuscany, is located on a hill 600 m. a.s.l. and dominates the entire Val di Chiana, from Arezzo, close to the shores of Lake Trasimeno. It was one of 12 cities of the Etruscan Confederation and of that era can still admire imposing sections of the massive city walls, only partially modified in the Middle Ages. Excellent food and good wine make this part of Tuscany also a favourite destination for lovers of food and wine tourism.

We invite you to spend your next holiday in this town rich in art and history. Find out here which farmhouses and villas you find in Cortona.