Carnival of Foiano della Chiana

The Carnevale di Foiano della Chiana is the most ancient in Italy, in 2015 will take place 01st - 08th - 15th -22th February and 1st March and it is considered among the most important Carnival Events of Italy, either for the spectacular choreography and the historiographical tradition.

Four big allegorical papier-mâché floats into competition, belonging to the “Cantieri” of Azzurri, Bombolo, Nottambuli and Rustici, parade in front of a jury composed of high level national art experts.
Imposing floats realized by real papier-maché masters and mechanics technicians. Their size, which have to strictly follow the regulations, is up to 17 m. of length, 10 m. of width and 13 m. of height.
Lively and unreal is the atmosphere that is created on holidays in a topsy-turvy world where everything goes and where the mask becomes symbol of desecration and transgression.

The King of the Carnevale di Foiano della Chiana is “Giocondo”, symbol of Carnival and absolute monarch of a kingdom which, while during only few days, gives to his citizens, moments of escape and hope.
King Giocondo opens the parades every Sunday followed by the papier-mâché floats, the masks and music bands, and on the last Sunday of celebration, after the public will, is burned in a spectacular ceremony called “rificolonata”.
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If you wish to take part to the magnificent event of Carnevale di Foiano della Chiana you can choose to spend a few days of holiday in a Villa, Farmhouse or Apartment close by Foiano della Chiana.