1 day in Cortona

Cortona is a famous old town and is located on a hill at 600 m. above sea level on the border between Tuscany and Umbria and from Piazzale Garibaldi you can admire the amazing view over the Val di Chiana from Arezzo to the shores of Trasimeno Lake.

The origins of Cortona date back to the Etruscans, in fact, was one of 12 cities of the Etruscan Confederation and one can still admire imposing sections of the massive city walls, only partly modified in medieval times.

The town of Cortona is all gathered in a circle of walls that are a monument of exceptional archaeological and architectural importance. With its steep streets, churches, convents, it is the guardian of the glories of its ancient splendor, museums and churches, countless art treasures from every era.

You can admire precious pieces from the Egyptian, Etruscan and Roman period in the Etruscan Academy Museum (MAEC), while masterpieces by Signorelli, Beato Angelico, Severini and other famous artists can be seen in the Diocesan Museum, in the medieval churches of San Francesco and San Domenico or the renaissance churches of Santa Maria Nuova and San Niccolò.

So in addition to a walk in the streets of the old town and to visit churches and museums we recommend a stop for lunch time at one of the many restaurants located in Cortona, where you can enjoy delicious local dishes.

Take a look to the many villas with pool available for your holiday in Cortona.