Live a Falconry experience in Tuscany

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Prices  starting from Euro 52 per person.

has been an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since December 2016. The important recognition and registration of the  Italian falconry Art to the UNESCO Representative List confirms the cultural value of this ancient discipline.

The experience that we arrange, will take you on a back in time trip, in order to learn about the ancient art of falconry, the role of falconer in various historical periods and the world of falcons.

You can watch the flight of diurnal birds of prey and call them to you, by wearing a falconer's glove.

Each participant will receive a certificate and some cards in memory of the experience with the falconers and the beautiful birds of prey, which you can admire in their splendor, while flying over your heads.

You will be accompanied and followed by a qualified and professional staff, with a graduate interpreter for Italian-English translations.

The falconers can come directly to your holiday home, and will bring with them a nice setting for falcons and hawks flying exhibition.
Alternatively, if you prefer to go elsewhere, this meeting will be organized in a farmhouse with a large garden in Cortona (Arezzo).

The experience with the falconers and their beautiful falcons will last about 2 hours from 10.00 am to 12.00 am  and it is suitable for any age.


2 adults € 280

4 adults € 460

From 5 to 10 adults € 520

For larger groups € 52 per person

Reduced price for children up to 14 years

Make your stay in Tuscany even more special!
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